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Winter Chinook Fishing in Vancouver

It is that time of year where we head out in search of winter chinook.  Many of our local customers and tourists alike are surprised that we can catch salmon this time of year, but it is true!  Aggressive feeding chinook salmon, commonly referred to as “feeder springs” (spring is a common name for chinook) or “winter springs” enter our local waters from November to May.

Chinook Salmon, Prawns and Dungeness Crab!

For many this is a special time to be out on the water.  The crowds are gone, the water is clear, the air is crisp, and the fish are feisty.  An added bonus is the crabbing and prawning is generally excellent in the winter and spring months.  Throw in a few hard fighting chinook salmon and it makes for an amazing day!

So grab your thermos of hot coffee, give us a call, and let’s go winter chinook fishing!