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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report October 4th 2012

Some fresh chinook showed up the last few days on the flood tides and they provided some great action!  There were fish hooked from 10-30lbs with most of the fish in the mid to high teens.  On Thursday we hooked 4 nice chinook on the flood and then things died off on the ebb around 11:00 am.  Later in the day we went back out on the flood and hooked another 3 chinook.

The chinook were hitting close to the bottom as usual.  Glow flashers, 6 foot leader, and glow teaser head with anchovy took most of the fish.  We also hooked a few fish on the Purple Onion flasher, 6 foot leader, and purple haze teaser head with anchovy.

One of the fish had a small herring in its stomach, about the size of a 5 inch anchovy.  This is pretty rare for this fishery and is a testament to how fresh these fish are.

Time will tell if this is a small pod of fish or the start of things to come and there are more on the way, each flood tide bringing in fresh fish.  We are out on the water all weekend, off Monday and then we will report again on Tuesday.

If you would like to book a charter and get into some big chinook like the ones you see above, give us a call at 604-762-6909.  We have some spots open for next week and this time last year the fishing was excellent.

To get the right gear and get some tips please come by Pacific Angler at 78 E Broadway.  We will be closed on Monday, but open on Saturday and Sunday with regular business hours.

See you on the water or in the shop,

Jason Tonelli