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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: September 3, 2021

Packaged fish - Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: September 3

Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Well, opening day was slow for the most part, pretty much a you should have been here a week ago story, and if you want the politics on why you weren’t able to fish a week ago, look at last week’s report.  Better yet, go to this link and listen to me on the Jill Bennet Show.

Go to 29:16 and listen to Jason talk about Fraser chinook


Although opening day was slow, don’t fear, as more fish are on the way.  The abundance of pinks didn’t make things easy either.  The pinks will thin out and there are a lot more chinook on coming, predominantly the larger white chinook headed to the Harrison and Chilliwack/Vedder.

The best way to target the next wave of chinook is bait, and we have some at Pacific Angler.  We have the smaller “red” herring that fit perfectly into an anchovy teaser head and we the larger “blue” herring that fit perfectly into the super herring teaser heads.  We have both style of these teaser heads in stock with another shipment showing up on Monday.

I went into detail on depths and colours of teaser head and flashers in last week’s report.  That info will serve you well in the next 3 weeks as the large white springs roll in.  Make sure you leaders are in good shape after each pink or coho because these are the biggest chinook of the year.  There will be some 30 and 40 pound fish caught in the next few days, so bring you’re A game.

If you aren’t going to fish off the mouth of the Fraser, or it’s too windy, give West Van a try or the Cap Mouth on a flood tide.  There are some coho and chinook being caught.  The fishing will be steady as long as we don’t get any huge rains.  More and more chinook will show up in the next 3 weeks as well, so the Cap Mouth is always a good flood tide option in mid to late September.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli