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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: September 17, 2021


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Rain, rain, go away.  That is the theme of this week’s report.   The river anglers will be rejoicing about much needed rains to bring the river levels up and bring in fresh waves of chinook and coho, but the ocean anglers will be shedding a tear.  These heavy rains will push some of the chinook and coho into the Capilano and up the Fraser this weekend.  All is not lost though, there are still more fish to come for both areas, but we will need the rain to back off and a few more fish to stack up.  Prior to the rain we were having some good success at the Cap Mouth, but it’s a whole new ball game now. 



A nice haul after a morning at the Cap earlier this week

It will be interesting to see how the test sets are for chinook in the Fraser this coming week as Sandheads has been slow in general this September in my opinion.  Usually, we do see a decent push of white chinook right about now, the question will be if they show up and if they pause long enough for us to get some baits in front of them or if the winds back off enough for us to get down there.   

As usual for this time of year bait is the name of the game.  We do have a good selection of teaser heads and bait at the shop if you are in need.  Bait in the 30-70 zone off the Fraser and bait on the bottom at the Cap.  Those are your options this coming week for the odd red chinook, more white chinook, and some hatchery coho.  Good luck out there and stay dry! 

See you in the shop or on the water, 

Jason Tonelli