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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: July 10, 2020

Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Well the good news is we are only 5 more days away from some increased opportunity for chinook as you can retain chinook in some regions as of July 15th.  I have covered this in past reports, so if you go back in the reports to 2020 Chinook Measures:  Our Response I go into great detail on the regulation and where you can and can’t fish for chinook (even C&R) and where you can fish C&R for chinook, and where and when you will be able to keep them and what the size restrictions are.  In short, you can head across to Gulf Islands or Nanaimo, or NW up past Gower Point, and starting July 15th you will be able to keep a chinook in those waters.  Make sure to read the article I wrote for more details if you haven’t already.


In the meantime, we have been fishing for coho along West Van and South Bowen.  It has been hit and miss as the fish move around a lot.  Best success has been on white hootchies with some flash inserts and chrome or UV flashers, fished 25-65 on the riggers.


I think I will do a special chinook report mid next week on some tactics for the areas that will be open to chinook retention and to remind everyone there is some opportunity for retention.


Also note we were finally able to get the Mastering Local Saltwater Course finalized.  Thank you for your patience on this, as it took some time to find a suitable venue with enough space to support our Covid plan and social distancing.  I am going to teach one course this year, so if you want to get dialed in on local saltwater salmon fishing, this is your chance.  The seminar date is Saturday, July 18 and we go over a lot of information including winds, tides, safe navigation in and around Vancouver, Howe Sound, crossing to Thrasher, and of course lots on the hot spots and techniques to catch salmon 12 months a year around Vancouver.  Then you get one day out on the water, fully guided by yours truly, and its hands-on learning. We sent a mailout late yesterday and the phones were busy, and it filled up fast.  If you missed out on grabbing a seat in this course, phone the shop today ASAP at 604-872-2204 to be added to the waitlist and we may open up extra dates.


See you in the shop or on the water,


Jason Tonelli