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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: July 3, 2020



Well, finally the weekend anglers have some luck on their side!  The winds look pretty ideal this weekend and this soggy Friday is going to be replaced by some sun.  

We are also happy to report there have been some coho around; a mix of wild and hatchery.  As some of you may already know, the Capilano River Hatchery gets back around 12,000 coho every year.  These fish generally stage off South Bowen and then swing into Vancouver Harbour along West Van and then eventually head up the river.  This past week there have been fish caught off South Bowen from Cowan to Roger Curtis and there have been some fish caught off Point Atkinson in towards Pilot Cove, also known as “Fisheries” because of the fisheries research station in that area.


Eddie’s guest hooked up on yesterday’s trip

 When we are fishing for coho, we usually have the gear pretty shallow, around 25-75 on the riggers.  UV and chrome flashers like Purple Haze, Green Haze, Green Onion, Purple Onion, and Betsy or Chrome Herring Aid are all excellent choices.  They seem to like a white UV hootchy on a shorter leader, around 28 inches, but will also hit spoons and bait.  The limit is 2 per day, min size 30 cm, no max size, but they must be hatchery with no adipose fin, and all wild coho should be released at the side of the boat.   

 Speaking of catch and release, if you hook up with a chinook while fishing for coho, we recommend releasing the fish at the side of the boat.  With the no fishing for chinook regulation in place in our local waters, it is not a good idea to net the fish, bring it in the boat, and take a picture.  The best practice is to simply release the fish at the side of the boat.  A video is a great way to capture the action of a chinook battle and doesn’t require the fish to be netted and handled for a picture.  Note that if you decide to cross this weekend and fish the Gulf Islands, Nanaimo, or further up the Island, the regulation is non retention of chinook, so you can target chinook and practice catch and release.  This area opens for retention on July 15th, one a day, 62 cm min, 80 cm max, wild or hatchery.  

 As our regular readers know, we don’t agree with the current chinook regulations for the Vancouver area.  If you haven’t read my blog post about it, please do so and make sure to write a letter as they are having impact.  2020 Chinook Measures:  Our Response. 

 I received an incredible amount of emails, texts, and messages on Instagram and Facebook in support of this letter and all of you are frustrated and want to help.  The first thing you can do is write a letter.  The second thing you can do is come to the PFA Rally on Monday.  Many of you have offered to help above and beyond these two steps and I will be getting back to each of you as soon as possible. 

 Here is some information on the PFA Rally.  The PFA has people who are designated speakers/presenters and well thought out messages, so you just need to show up and support! 

 See you at the rally on Monday, 

Jason Tonelli