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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: January 24, 2020


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

With the winds this weekend easing off into the week, many anglers may choose to stay closer to home and fish the harbour or tuck away up in Howe Sound- with both areas producing fish lately. Prawning continues to be steady with some great hauls as of late, while crabbing continues to be consistently inconsistent.


While they were brief this week, we are really enjoying the sunny breaks on the water!

Just like in winters past, smaller presentations continue to be the standard. Fishing the depths associated to winter fishing, making sure there are glow components in your set up is a great idea – whether it’s the flasher and/or the spoons and hoochies. Gibbs Skinny G, Mini G, and G-Force spoons continue to be some of our go-to spoons. Not to be left out, smaller Kingfisher’s, Koho Killers, and Hoochies are also great choices as well. To add a little extra kick, gel scents can be a great idea, not just on spoons, but plugs as well.

Some of our go-to’s this time of year

If you’re looking to change things up, Tomic plugs can be a great way to cover water while trolling a little faster, with bites usually being a little more sure and aggressive.

Remember to keep your gear right down on the bottom, and check it every so often- especially if you notice any weird wobbles or actions: often times anglers are dragging a small sole or under-sized salmon that got a little too curious, impeding interest from other more desirable fish.


Don’t forget to charge up that gear!

Charging up your flashers and spoons can also play a vital role in helping them glow. With cloudy skies and low-light conditions, a small UV flashlight can help give your gear that extra boost, while also extending the length of its charge.

Good luck out there,

Jordan Simpson