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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: January 31, 2020


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report 

Rain, rain, go away, I need to get out on the water today…..  Well if you have been waiting for the rain to leave so you can head out, you are going to have to keep waiting.   It’s been a wet week and it looks like more rain is on the way.  Despite the rain we have had some fun on the water the past few days.  With proper gear and a heater on board the rain is really no big deal and it sure keeps the crowds down.



Enjoying a break from the rain on Wednesday afternoon in Howe Sound.

Do the fish bite better in the rain?   Not really, as usual it’s all about the tide changes and our bites this week certainly held true to that theory.  High slacks and low slacks saw the bulk of the activity and as usual the bait and the fish were close to the bottom.


Bait and chinook arcs from this week, as usual close to the bottom.

With the darker rainy days, the brighter gear has been producing well and a lot of our hits came on the Gibbs Lemon Lime flasher and a 3.0 Irish Cream spoon.   Prawning continues to be well worth the effort too.


A winter feast for birthday boy Zach after a day out on the water celebrating!

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli