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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: January 17, 2020


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Well looks like the winter wonderland is finally coming to an end with some much warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast.  I will take 7 C and rain over -7 C and snow any day.  Unfortunately, the winds aren’t co-operating quite as much as we hoped, but there might be a few windows where we can get out over the coming days, we will have to play it by ear.

We had quite a few trips booked this past week, but with the crazy winds and snow, we weren’t going anywhere except to the store for more ice melt.  So as a result, there is not much new to report.  We have 2 boats heading out today, so we should have some fresh intel soon, and we have some trips booked for the weekend if the winds back off.  This time of year, I don’t wait for reports, and neither should you.  Its go time, if the weather and winds are good, get out there.  The fishing has been pretty consistent this winter season and I don’t see why that would change.

I am heading over to the Island this weekend to fish in a derby, so make sure you are following on Instagram and FB and I will post some pics.  We have a separate account for Pacific Angler Sport Fishing (@pacificanglersportfishing) and you can follow me as well (@jasonrtonelli).


Reel Therapy got a break from the stormy weather and is up on the trailer at Lions Gate Marina getting ready for some upgrades! Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, get down to your boat and get rid of all that snow.  This is when boats sink.  You have a few feet of snow, then it rains 40 mm and gets super saturated.  Think wet cement.  It plugs up your drains and the boat can’t get rid of all that water and it starts to fill up and gets heavier and heavier and can overwhelm the flotation, water can come in the back, bilge pumps burn out your cold battery, the list goes on.  I have seen this exact scenario sink a few boats over the years, and those are just ones at my relatively small marina, so I know there are others.  Scared?  Good my job here is done.  Get down to your dock, get the snow off, charge those batteries and check those bilge pumps and float switches.  You will sleep better at night.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli