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Clear Skies and Tight Lines

clear skies

Crabbing is really starting to get good in the harbour and we have seen some pictures of some pretty impressive prawn catches as well!  It looks like the NW winds are here  for the next 2-3 days so it should be clear skies out there and hopefully not too rough.

Where to go?  There are still a few fish getting caught in Howe Sound but is seems it has slowed down there a little bit compared to the previous weeks. There were a lot of boats on the “Hump” (South end of Bowen) this past weekend but by most accounts, the fishing was pretty slow.  This can change in a matter of one tide and without a doubt the fishing will pick up there as we enter mid April.  Best depths for this fishery are from 60-180 feet but the go-to depths are often in the 90-120 foot range.

A variety of spoons, baits, and flashers will work in this fishery.  Some of the most productive spoons are the Pesca RSG series with their amazing glow.  Sizes 3.5 to 4.0 in “Uncle Bob”, “It’s Not”, and “Bogart” are top producers.  Basically these all have some green and chartreuse on them, as well as some glow.  If you like to fish bait, anchovies and herring are always a good choice on the “Hump”. For teaser heads, one might try glow, glow chartreuse, glow green, and bloody nose.  A 6 foot leader to your spoon or bait teaser-head is the recommended length.  For flashers, the Green Onion and flashers with some glow tape when fishing the deeper depths are both good choices.

We will be out on the water Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so hopefully we’ll see you out there.
If you would like to book a charter and enjoy the excellent local chinook fishing in April, May and June, as well as the great crabbing, call our charter hotline at 778-788-8582

By Jason Tonelli