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Sun, crabs, and salmon- another day on the Best Coast!

Fishing for crabs


We were out on Tuesday and found a few nice chinook up Howe Sound and also did very well on crabs in Vancouver Harbour.  It was for the most part, a flat calm day- the sun was out, and the chinook were biting.

Some things you just can’t beat, and our guests from Vancouver and Calgary had an amazing time.

photo 2

I was hoping that this would be the start of spring, but the forecast has changed and now the SE winds are here along with the clouds and the rain.  Once the winds back off we are going to head out to the Hump and see if we can find some fish.  There have already been a few fish caught in this area and it usually picks up this week, so we are excited to get out there.  If you are going to head out to this fishery, try trolling 60-175 feet.  The fish are often fairly shallow with a lot of fish coming at 90-120 but last year the fishing was pretty hot 140-175 early in the season.  So spread your gear out and see if the fish are shallow or deep and then tighten your spread from there.  Glow flashers and some spoons with some green and glow on them are always productive.  Anchovies also work well in this fishery.  Stay tuned for more info as we head out this week.
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