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Vancouver Saltwater Report: March 6, 2015


We are well into our winter chinook fishing season. March and April can be great months to get out and try your luck for some of the year’s biggest feeder chinooks. As per usual at this time of the year, the fish have grown in size and you can expect the fish in the later half of the season to be pushing the 16-20lb mark.

Recently, we have heard of and caught fish in the harbour, Howe Sound and the Gulf Islands. It is not unusual to go one day and have consistent fishing with multiple hookups and then to go back the next and not get a bite. A big part of the game of winter chinook fishing is being able to adapt and move around to increase your chances of success.

Two nice winter chinooks caught on a trip this week.

Two nice winter chinooks caught on a trip this week.

Heading out armed with a variety of tackle is a great way to approach this fishery. The light conditions, water clarity and depth of water that we are fishing in have been the biggest factors in our gear selection. Our favourite flashers have been the Oki’ Tackle Purple Onion, Green Onion Glow, Kinetic UV Jelly Fish Yellow Green mist, & Green glow with Silver Tape.

In terms of lures and baits we have seen both mature and immature herring and sand lance in the fish this past week. Needle fish and regular hootchies, have been hooking up, as well as coho killers, 3.5 and 4.0 spoons. Some of our favourite hootchies have been the faithful Chartreuse Spackle Back (OG140R), White double glow (OG11) and the Army Truck Glow (NG60R).

If spoons are the route you’re looking to go, the Silver Horde Homeland Security (#671), Cookies & Cream (#675) and Yellow Tail (#618) are great choices. We fished our favourite Pesca Spoons, the “Uncle Bob”, “Leprechaun” and the “Gut Bomb” this week.

Herring and anchovies rolled in a teaser head have also done quite well. With our giant selection of teaser heads, it’s hard to not find what you’re looking for. With the clear water, clear UV teasers, chrome teasers, and glow teasers will all have their place in the lineup. Matched with either an anchovy or herring on a 6ft leader, and a treble/trailer tandem hook system, this is another deadly presentation for hungry chinooks.

We've got all the tackle you need for a great day out on the saltwater.

We’ve got all the tackle you need for a great day out on the saltwater.

With the warm weather and excellent fishing, this is great time to book a charter. Give Kathryn a call on the charter line at 778.788.8582. If you would like to get out on your own boat and need a point in the right direction and some of the top producing lures, give us a call at Pacific Angler at 604-872-2204 or come by the shop.