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Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report: December 12th, 2014

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The wet and windy weather has not been very conducive to heading out and searching for winter chinook, crabs and prawns this past week. It is right about now that we usually see a few fish starting to show up off West Vancouver and around the freighters, so once the rain and the wind let off, we will be out there looking for the first winter chinook of the year. The winds don’t look too bad for this weekend and for early next week, there is even a few days of sun in the forecast! So this might well be the time to get out and see if there are any fish around. There won’t be too much going on for river fishing (see the pictures on our Friday Fishing Report), so that leaves some early winter chinook fishing and some Christmas shopping on the to do list for the weekend. This weeks tip for winter chinook is not to wait for the report that it is good. These fish move around a lot, here one day and gone the next. They are not like the fish we chase in the summer that are stacking up along the shore of W. Van waiting for some rain so they can go up the Capilano or Seymour rivers. These winter chinook are nomadic feeders, constantly searching for bait. They will come in on a tide and be gone the next tide. Many times we have had great fishing one day, called more clients, and headed out the next day and had tough fishing. Or we have had tough fishing the day before, and expected it to be tough the next day, only to have awesome fishing! So this time of year you make your own report and your own luck by getting out there and finding fish.

Hope to see you there, dress warm, and bring the hot coffee!

Jason Tonelli

The P.A. Saltwater Guide Team: Jason, Eddie, Dimitri


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Jason, Matt, Max, Andre, Sam, Eddie, Dimitri, Kathryn