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Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report: December 5th, 2014

Local Saltwater

There hasn’t been too much saltwater fishing going on this last week with the sub zero temperatures. When it is freezing during the day the bottom of the boat deck basically turns into an ice rink. It can be a deadly endeavour trying to get to the back of the boat to work the rigger or set the hook on a bite! Believe me, I know from past attempts, and the black and blue bruises are evidence of more than the odd wipeout on the back deck when fishing for winter chinook during freezing conditions. The good news is it looks like it is going to be a lot warmer next week, with highs of 10 degrees, and some rain coming as well. We can deal with the rain if it means warmer weather and with the rain we are getting some SE winds, but nothing too significant. This means it would be a good week to get out and search for some winter chinook as things usually start to pick up around the 2nd or 3rd week of December. Most local anglers will fish off W. Van from the “Pink Apartment” down to the mouth of the Capilano on the flood tide in 80-130 feet of water and keep your gear close to the bottom. On the ebb tide most anglers have better luck fishing in the flats around the freighters in 90-120 feet of water, and again keep your gear close to the bottom. Productive setups are often the Green Onion Glow flasher, or Purple Onion flasher with a 6 foot leader and 2.5 to 3.5 Pesca spoon or Kingfisher spoon. You can use anchovies as well, but we find we catch just as many fish if not more by using spoons because we can fish fast and cover lots of water.

See you out there!

Jason Tonelli


The P.A. Saltwater Guide Team: Jason, Eddie, Dimitri


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Jason, Matt, Max, Andre, Sam, Eddie, Dimitri, Kathryn