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Vancouver Salmon Fishing September 6th

We have been on the water every day this week and have been catching some nice chinook.  There are a few chinook off the mouth of the Capilano River, it is a little early for this fishery yet, but a few early ones are getting hooked.

A nice Vancouver chinook salmon!

Head guide Eddie Matthei has been getting a few fish at the Cap and at the Bell using a chartreuse flasher with glow tape on one side, a 6 foot 30lb leader, and an anchovy in a teaser head with glow/chartreuse and a black scale pattern on the top.  This teaser head is called the “Frog” and has been his top teaser head this week.

Some nice chinook from the Bell.

There are also lots of chinook and some coho in the T-10 and South Arm area.  The NW winds have kept the boats away from these areas but the strong wind warning has ended so you might be able to head down to these areas this weekend.  Glow flashers with a 6 foot leader and a Glow/Green spoon or an anchovy in a glow teaser are the standard rigs in these areas.  Hot depths are often in the 50-60 range but you can expect fish as shallow as 30 feet and as deep as 60 feet.

If you are looking to get out this month for chinook, let us know ASAP as we are filling up fast as the runs of Fall Chinook hit the harbour.

Good luck out there this weekend!