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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: September 4, 2020

6 Fishes - Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: September 4, 2020

Well finally the forecast is co-operating, and we have been able to fish off the mouth of the Fraser all the way down to the South Arm.  Although there have been fish hooked at the North Arm, Iona, and T-10, the South Arm seems to have the edge on number of fish, which is pretty normal.  It also has the edge on number of boats, VERY busy down there, so it might be better to get a little less action but see less boats in other spots. 

 Bait has been good, as usual, and productive depths have been 35-75 on the riggers with my top two depths being 47 and 57.  Chrome flashers like the Betsy or Herring Aid in chrome have been good up top with chrome teaser heads.  Further down, green or chartreuse UV flashers have been good with UV green teaser heads.  The deeper rods have been doing well on chartreuse or green glow flashers and glow teaser head in the same colours. 

 There are some bigger fish showing up, so make sure you gear is perfect.  There will be some tyees caught this week and next and there was a 50 caught yesterday.  I got a 30 a week or so ago (DNA sampling) and yesterday we landed a 26 and a 23.   


Some nice fish from Thursday’s trip! 

We haven’t been to the Cap Mouth lately, but it should start to see some fish in more consistent numbers next week.  If you are booking a trip I would recommend booking an 8 or 10 hour so we can head to the South Arm if that is where the bite is on. 

See you out there! 

Jason Tonelli