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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: May 24, 2019


Once again we saw some great fishing this past week.  When winds allowed we were fishing off South Bowen from Cowan to Roger Curtis and the fish did not disappoint.  If you have been following us on Instagram and Facebook, you have seen some of the action and that some nice size fish are showing up.  Best depths were from 80-130 and we hooked fish on bait, spoons, and hootchies.  The brighter colour gear, aka green and chartreuse, is working well as the water does have some colour to it from the algae.  In past reports I have gone into detail on colours for flashers and lures, so please check out our past reports for more detail or drop by the shop for expert advice on what is working.


Jason from Pacific Angler and Marty from SeaPro Distribution with a nice hatchery chinook about to be released.

When it was windy we tucked into Seymour Bay or went up to Hole in the Wall and for the most part we have had some great fishing in those spots as well.  The fish at “The Hole” have been a bit shallower than off Bowen, from 60-120.  I would say the fishing off South Bowen is a little better, but these 2 spots do give you some options when the winds are blowing.

Crabbing has been good but prawning has slowed down, as one would expect with the commercial prawn season upon us.


Jeff with a nice chinook just prior to release on a day out with Jason

The protest we had at the Fisheries Minister’s office earlier this month did result in a direct meeting with the Minister on Thursday.  Myself and 3 others met with him for an hour and discussed the current situation, the science, and of course the politics.  We presented him some options where the science shows we have no impact on Fraser stocks, even less than the 1% we have been telling him about.  We are hoping they will look at our recommendations and open up some of these areas to provide us the opportunity to harvest hatchery chinook.  I am working on a more detailed article to bring everyone up to speed and I should have that ready for next weeks report or I might send it out in a special mail out.  Until then I encourage you to get out there and enjoy the awesome fishing, easily some of the best we have seen in years.


See you in the shop or on the water,


Jason Tonelli