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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday May 31, 2019


Well I thought it couldn’t get any better and I was wrong.  Yesterday was absolutely ballistic off South Bowen and over at Thrasher and fishing earlier in the week in both these areas and Howe Sound was very good.   The fish keep getting bigger as well, and yesterday Derek released a hatchery chinook in the mid 20-pound range.  To keep updated mid-week and see cool pics, videos, and stories, make sure you follow our new Instagram Page and Facebook Page.  Just search Pacific Angler Sport Fishing.


Logan was all smiles for Logan before he released his hatchery chinook yesterday!

In terms of tackle choice, nothing has changed.  We are doing well in the 90-130 zone on the riggers.  There is algae in the water so the brighter colored chartreuse gear is working when it comes to flashers, spoons, teaser heads, and hootchies.  Over at Thrasher there are suspended fish and fish on the bottom, so you have to keep an eye on the sonar to see where they are.  This is where good electronics really pays off as some days you have to be close to the bottom and other days the fish are suspended.  With a good system you can easily see the chinook arcs on your screen and get dialed in quickly.


Ron had a great day out on the water with Eddie earlier this week.

Coho is season is officially here as of June 1st.  You can keep 2 hatchery coho a day out off South Bowen in Area 29-3 or if you are over at Thrasher or in Nanaimo in Area 17.   The regulations for Area 29 on coho are clear as mud, but DFO did send out a notice on May 29th that coho are open for 2 hatchery a day in Areas 29-1 to 29-5.  They haven’t updated the website it seems and good luck trying to find that notice of it opening on their website.  I guess that’s why you read this report….

Last year we were doing very well for coho in June out off the Hump or out off Bowen in 600 feet of water.  They aren’t really on any structure, so look for tide lines, current seams and cover water until you find them.  They are generally fairly shallow, from the surface (especially in the morning) down to about 60 feet.  UV Purple Onion, UV Green Onion, and Silver Betsy or Gold Betsy are all great flashers in these shallow water conditions.   For lures we like to use UV white hootchies with a 28-inch leader.   Spoons will also work and we do well on chrome finishes with some green or blue in them.

Crabbing continues to be good but prawning has slowed down with the commercial opening.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli