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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: June 10, 2016

Chinook fishing in the spring season


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Well you know it is starting to get warm out when the NW winds show up!  Just like last year, the NW winds have often gotten in the way of the run across the pond to Gabriola and Nanaimo.  Those that have been across have had some good fishing, but for the most part this past week was average at best.  This will often change when the winds die down and more anglers get over and the fleet gets a bead on where the fish are.  By no means is it time to not be heading over.  June is often the best month at Thrasher so if you are heading over on your own or you want to book a trip now is the time to go.

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Nice fish off Bowen from last week

Hot depths have been 130-220 on the riggers.  130-175 seems to be good if you are fishing offshore more, and if you are fishing inshore and see bait on the bottom, that is where you want to hang some gear.  White UV hootchies have been good, as well as the chartreuse splatter back.  Spoons have also been productive, like the Pesca 3.5 in Gut Bomb, the Kingfisher 3.5 in Flaming Hans, and the Titan 4.0 in Mojito or Vegas.  The most productive flasher has been the Salty Dawg and if you are fishing way down deep like 200 to 240 then the Double Glow has been very good.


On this side of the pond we have also had a lot of wind.  There are still lots of anchovies moving around in the southern sections of Howe Sound and it has made for some fun and productive fishing for chinook and coho.  The best part is the fish are shallow.  30 to 80 on the riggers has been good.  If you find the birds, you find the anchovies, and then you find the chinook.  The same spoons mentioned above have been producing well.  For flashers the Salty Dawg, Green Onion Glow, and Purple Onion Glow have been working well.  The Silver Betsy and Gold Betsy have also been very productive on the shallower rods. We are fishing so shallow we are running flashers like the Besty as we don’t really need glow tape 30 or 40 feet down.  It’s been awhile since I said we don’t need glow!  There are lots of coho around as well.  Try running a white UV hootchy on your top rod and you will do well.  Remember you can only keep hatchery coho.  If you want to run bait, that has been working well along with the spoons and hootchies.  5.25 and 5.5 inch anchovies are deadly and we have lots in stock.  We have been using chrome teaser heads on our top rods and glow teaser heads on our bottom rods.

We have boats out all weekend and we should have more info early next week so as always don’t hesitate to call in and ask for and update or even better call in your report if something interesting happens out there. 604-872-2204. If you want to book a trip call NOW to get a spot! 778- 788-8582