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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: February 19, 2021

BC Public Halibut Fishery


 Jason will tune in next week with a full saltwater reportToday we wanted to share an update on the halibut fishery as well as a video from our friends at Reel West Coast and Simrad Yachting! 

If you missed the announcement earlier this week DFO announces the opening of the BC public halibut fishery on February 15th. 

The official announcement can be found here.  Until April 1st, the halibut regulations will be the same as 2020, either 1 halibut per day and 1 halibut in possession between 90cm and 126 cm, or 2 per day with a total of 2 in possession under 90cm. There is an annual limit of 6 halibut in effect that is also based on the 2020 season.  The 2021 regulations will be provided by Fisheries Notice in March.

As mentioned in the SFI update on this issue  This welcome news reflects the fact that angling is considered an essential activity in BC and provides opportunity for a safe  way for British Columbians to get out and enjoy their local waters and provide for their own food security.  Anglers are reminded to ensure they obey all health and public safety orders, to be mindful of proper use of PPE, and to maintain effective physical distancing protocols at all times.

This week we thought to share a video from our friends Steve Rae and Brendan Morrison. They have a simple yet effective tip for tweaking your sounder settings to dial in your fishing depths. They also do some fishing if you need a little saltwater fishing fix.  

Check the video out here: