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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: February 12, 2021

Boating by the shoreline on a cloudy day.


Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report 

Not a whole of new information to report this week.  With sub-zero temperatures and strong outflow winds in Howe Sound we have been staying warm in the shop.  It looks like a bit of a SE is moving in and with it some moisture in the form of snow.  That combined with some lingering outflow winds in Howe Sound will make for a chilly one if you are going to attempt to head out this weekend. 

Prior to the cold and windy weather, we did make it out a few times and fishing is typical for this time of year.  Put in the effort and you will get shots at few legal fish.  Seals continue to be a problem at a variety of spots.  If you have a seal following you around, best thing to do is pick up and move, because when you do hook a good size fish it is as good as gone. 

There seems to be quite a bit of bait in the harbour around the freighters and out towards the Bell Buoy.  This bodes well for that March fishery that we sometimes see where winter chinook move in to take advantage of all those pre-spawn herring.  Each year is a bit different, but the fact we are seeing a good amount of bait is a good start.  Find the bait, find the fish.   

I took a look at the long-range forecast and it looks like we will be back up to much more pleasant temperatures after this weekend, although it looks pretty wet.  I will take a bit of rain over frozen boats any day. 

In the meantime, it’s a good time to head down to the dock, check those battery levels and bilge pumps, have a hot coffee and tie some leaders.   

See you in the shop or on the water, 

Jason Tonelli