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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: April 22, 2016



Well it was a slower start to the Hump season but the fish are definitely here now.  If lady luck has been on your side then you have had some pretty good fishing this past week.  The trick has been in the right place at the right time as the large school of chinook has been on the Hump, at the QA and also at the Bell.  The QA was good on the weekend, then the Hump was good mid week, then the Bell was good the last few days.  These are the same fish, just moving around with the tides and chasing bait.


Happy client Chris with a nice chinook from the QA area.

The most productive depths have been 90-130 and bait and spoons have been doing well.  We have been running Salty Dawg, Green Onion Glow, and Chartreuse Glow flashers.  For spoons we have been using the Pesca 3.5 Tossed Salad and Leprechaun, the Oki Titan 5 in the Homeland Secretary and Happy Hooker, and the Kingfisher 3.5 in Homeland and Irish Cream.  Bait in a glow green or chanteuse glow teaser head has also been productive.


Some nice chinook and a hatchery coho taken from a charter this week at the Hump and QA area.

We haven’t heard too much from Nanaimo or Thrasher yet, but that is normal as most of us will concentrate on the Hump for the next 3-4 weeks before we start heading across.

Crabbing has also picked up the last few days.

As usual, there are some big fish showing up.  Some of the biggest fish of the year are caught in the next few weeks, so make sure you leaders are nice and fresh.  There have been a few large fish that have been broken off, a few hooks that have bent out and a few fish that have tipped the scales at 29 pounds!

If you are thinking about heading out, now is great time to book a trip as the fishing should be pretty consistent in our local waters for the next month.