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September 13th, 2009

Jason was out at first light with Danny Merth to give the local waters a quick fish before they both headed back to Pacific Angler for a day in the shop. In the quick morning fish they managed a small chinook around 8lbs which they released, lost what looked like a decent fish, and missed a good bite. There were a number of boats out since the water was flat and the weather was amazing. People are anticipating the big Capilano springs and there seem to be a few more showing up each flood tide.

Eddie was out today on an afternoon trip to capitalize on the flood tide with some guests from Switzerland. They missed a few good spring bites and managed to hook up three chinook salmon that were just under the legal size limit. These “jacks” are around 5-7 lbs and they are eager biters and fun to catch but seem to be falling just short of legal length. Like yesterday, the bite seemed to be a little quiet today. Right at the end of the day on the last pass Eddie got the guests into the one they were looking for. A big spring! The fish was peeling line and putting up an awesome fight. Mid battle this spring decided to show just how much strength these fish have and took a good run and managed to break the line. That fish was hooked in 90 feet of water with the flasher and anchovy rig just off the bottom. Overall it was pretty slow out there today but there are definitely some hogs out there right now.