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June 29th 2010

Today we opted for the early start again to optimize our fishing time around the high slack, and just like the day before, this paid off with multiple hook ups for coho.  The white hootchies are really producing well with a few fish on green glow coyote spoons and coho killer UV white spoons.  On the hootchies, use 40lb test and short leaders, 27-32 inches.  On the spoons use 30lb test and keep your leaders 4-6 feet.  Keep your trolling speed fast and keep your gear in the top 60 feet of water.  The fish have been anywhere from right on shore where the odd person is beach fishing for them, all the way out to the freighters.  We have been catching fish anywhere from 80-180 feet of water with the downriggers at 50 feet and up.