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July 2nd 2010

Eddie was out today on two 5 hour charters, one from 7-12 and again from 2-7.  Things have remained fairly consistent for us over at W. Van for coho on the usual top producers.  White hootchies and small spoons.  We hooked a few coho in the morning and a few more on the afternoon charter.  On a side note, there was some comedy in the air today as DFO pulled up to the boat to check licenses and make sure we were using barbless hooks.  We pulled the gear on one side of the boat to allow them to tie up to us and while they were tied up to the boat, we hooked a coho on the other side!  DFO got a free show as our clients played and released a nice wild coho.  The barbless hooks slid out effortlessly and that seemed to be all the proof DFO needed as they congratulated the clients and left to go check the other boats.

We are still getting reports of some springs up Howe Sound.  It seems to be fairly slow on the other side over at Gabriola and we haven’t had the chance to go over there with mostly 5 hour charters and winds forecast NW 15-20.   The test sets on the Fraser for chinook (springs) continue to be excellent yet the fishing off the Bell Buoy and QA is slow.  Perhaps most of the fish are heading up the South Arm or are tucked right up on the ledge between the North Arm and South Arm?  Tough to say, but we are looking forward to things opening up on July 16th so we can get down to the T-10 and South Arm to pull on some big Fraser springs.