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July 11 Update

Hello fishing fans!

Again, we’ve been delinquent at filing reports…tsk tsk….got to do something about that…maybe cut off someone’s beer supply and that’ll teach ’em! Haha!

Since our last report, we’ve been fishing a multitude of areas. However, given our recent efforts, we’ve found the best area to be fishing is the Eastern Shoreline of Gabriola Island from Thrasher Rock to Whalebone. We’ve been focussing our efforts in this area and usually getting a shot at a handful of Chinook on each charter we’ve been over. Over the last few days, unfortunately, the fishing has been slow going over there, but you area getting bites and you MUST capitalize on your chances as they are biting light some days. At Gabriola, we’ve found our best depths to be from 100 to 150 feet at Thrasher and from 90 to 175 feet towards the north end of the island. Lures of choice have been Anchovies in glow or glow green teaser heads on 6 foot leaders behind flashers. We’ve been hooking fish on the ever popular ” Green/Glow Spackleback” series of Yamashita Hoochies we have in stock at the store fished behind 34-38 inch leaders at a medium troll. Other productive colours have been the Army Truck and Glow with Green Stripe hoochies. Spoons of choice are the “Irish Cream” by Silver Horde (we have a tough time keeping this spoon in stock…it’s a combo of green/glow/UV, the ol’ Green Glow Standby, and Cop Car spoons with or without the red stripe called the “Nasty Boy”. On Saturday July 9 we netted 15 and 8 pound Chinooks and had opportunities for a couple more. On Sunday July 10 we had a few opportunities, however we didn’t convert on the hook up. When fishing deep, as we are over at Gabriola, don’t take little taps for granted, get on the rod, reel down to the clip and then wind like crazy to get into the fish and set the hooks hard! Fish on !

Local Vancouver waters have been sluggish in producing fish. You have to fish strategically and be prepared to put in a good effort to be rewarded with a bite or two. The fishing has been what we would call “spotty” at best. Fish are being caught off West Vancouver, the Point Grey Bell Buoy, the QA, the Hole in the Wall to Bill Point, and Howe Sound.

The odd spring to 25 pounds is being caught in these areas on Anchovies. Wait a second…did you hear that? I said Anchovies….er…BAIT…er…MEAT! The most productive times have been 2 hours before to 2 hours after tide changes at depths of 60 to 120 on the downriggers. 5 to 7 foot leaders are producing well.

The West Vancouver Coho fishery has been VERY slow to get going. I’ve been fishing the Vancouver area for better than 3 decades now and I’ve not known the bulk of the Coho run to be this late before. A few Coho are definitely getting up the Capilano River as the River has been running high. The Cohos are not holding in marine waters. However, this is a mixed blessing.  For when the run finally does “show up”, we’re going to be in for a lot of fun. The Coho will definitely be bigger than average as they will have been actively feeding in the food rich areas away from Vancouver. I can hardly wait. OH BOY! Medium to Small Anchovies in Rhys Davis Teaser Heads behind flashers at a quick troll will be very productive for these hungry Coho when they do arrive. Hoochies are one of my best producers when these fish do show up and just about ANY light coloured one will work. However, plain white, UV white, and Green Glow Hoochie will produce. Fish FAST…your downrigger cable should be a 45 degree angle at a minimum. Our most productive depths are 25 to 65 feet for these Cohos. Usually I focus on water depths less than 120 feet off West Vancouver.  A good leader length for Cohos is 32 “. Smaller Spoons are also EXCELLENT choices. Our Silver Horde selection really has some winners in there! Cop Car Glow, Green Glow and  UV white spoons were very productive last year.

PINK SALMON UPDATE: GET READY!!! Local Vancouver waters are not productive just yet for PINKS. However, my fellow guides on the Southwest Coast of Vancouver Island tell me that my mind is going to be blown yet again this year and that they’re already getting doubles, triples and quadruple headers of these fiesty, scrappy and good eating fish. These fish are highly aggressive and will bite many lures. “Think pink” for Pinks is an old adage, however, any lure less than 4 inches will be a prime pink target! Spoons on 4 foot leaders, Hoochies on 32 inch leaders, are excellent choices. It won’t be long now! You never really know, but it could be tomorrow or next week, but one thing for sure, there will be tons of pinks for everyone!

Or…for those looking to book a charter and get out on the water with our pro guides and let us do the “hard stuff” and show you a few tricks, give us a call at the shop for a private charter of your own!

Until our next report, stay tuned, tackle up, and fish hard!

Tight lines!