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January 9 Quick Report

Hello Everyone!

We were on the water today and while we didn’t land any Winter Chinook of legal size,  we did have a fair amount of smaller fish moving the rods. We dropped the crab traps and finished up with over a dozen big Dungeness Crab and the prawning was outstandingwe finished with 550 prawns! Overall the bite was quiet today, with many boats out enjoying the fantastic scenery, calm water and fresh air~  There was adequate coverage of the local fishing “hot spots”— and a few reports from today indicated slow going all round. Our wintering springs do move around and at this time of year, just a few hours can make a big difference in the presence of larger fish. We saw a large amount of wildlife today—-most of which I take forgranted, however, the highlights were  Harbor Porpoises, Dall’s Porpoises, Bald Eagles (and several immature eagles) and several species of Grebes! We’ll be out on the water again soon! Stay tuned for our next update!

Point Atkinson

Prawn Dinner!

Tying into a Chinook Bite!