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Fishing Report: Tuesday, July 2nd 2013

Here is our current report up to and including this morning!

Fishing at Thrasher slowed down this week. Most trips only had 3 or 4 hookups but the good news is that those fish were big and hard fighting. Many were in the mid to high 20’s.  These fish were taking lots of line with lots of attitude.  Lack of numbers were made up by the size of the fish and the fight!

Spoons continue to work. Homeland and kitchen sink being the hot lures and irish cream right behind. Don’t be afraid to go deep. Most are in the 160-185 range but I know of some as shallow as 30 ft.  The key is to be patient and keep your gear in the water. The reef has done well on either side of the tide .  This morning we had a nice one on the first pass the took good lone until a seal got him. At noon today we got one to the boat off the Falls.Todd Sweet

Nice 25lb slab from the weekend!

Nice 25lb slab from the weekend!

From all of the staff at Pacific Angler we look forward to continue to be “Vancouver’s Store for the Fishing Enthusiast”.

Kind regards,

Jason, Matt, Andre, Dimitri and Bryce