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August 2011: Are you ready? We are!

Over the last few weeks fishing has been spotty in the Vancouver area…however…..over the last few days we have experienced some big improvements in local fishing results. We have 4 species of salmon in local waters right now so it’s time to get out on the water and fish! Coho, Pinks, Chinooks and Sockeye OH MY!

Chinook: The “slot” limit is over off the Fraser Mouth and it’s open for 2 Chinook per angler per day over 62 cm. The hot ticket will be Anchovies fished on 6 to 7 foot leaders behind flashers from 40 to 85 feet with the odd fish being taken a bit deeper. Fishing around tide changes are your BEST opportunity. A good starting point for these Chinook would be ANYWHERE from Jericho Beach all the way down to the Sandheads lighthouse. If it suits your fancy, the Coal Ports are an option, however, it is likely unnecessary to run this far. Several Chinook were hooked in English Bay this morning. Fish to the high twenties! Does this get your heart rate up? It should..because they’re here!!!!

Coho: The Capilano River is now low and that means…FISH along the West Van shoreline because they’re going to stack up as they can’t get up the river. Fish smaller Anchovies behind flashers, pale coloured hoochies (White, Purple Haze, Green and White, etc)  on 30-34″ leaders, or small bright spoons.  Best depths are 20 to 60 feet with the best action occuring closer to Stearman Creek or Caulfield. Start mid way down the flats a half mile west of the Pink Building and troll west! Small spoons are also a good idea! Make SURE you positively ID the fish before you bonk it. The limit is 2 hatchery (marked with a clipped adipoise) fish per day in Vancouver waters. If it is WILD it must be released. The action is picking up and some boats hit a half dozen of these today. Landing percentage is 50% at the best of times and if you land better than 50 percent you’re a rock star…, so capitalize on your opportunties!

Pinks: Can be found just about anywhere. If you have any pink lures, this would be a good time to use them. Pinks are aggressive and voracious. The BEST fishing for Pinks right now is in Howe Sound. Potlach, Mc Nab, Porteau and Furry Creek are great place to go. Let’s just say….if you want Pinks, bring out the spinning, mooching, trolling or fly rods and be prepared to play as many Pinks as your heart desires! Some guys hit over 50 pinks today! Cool…you know it’s Pink Season when people are TIRED of catching pinks on the first day….LOL. Typically the Howe Sound Pinks are earlier than the Fraser Pinks, so it’s a bit far for you to go…no worries, they will be closer to home soon! Pink flies, Pink Squirts, Pink Hoochies, Pink Zingers or Buzz Bombs……think PINK! Other colours will work too!

Sockeye: We are currently CLOSED to Sockeye. There is a possibility that we may see a Sockeye Opening in late August. They are still waiting for more test fishery data to get an accurate read on the total size of the run.  So far, indications are that this years return will be larger than first predicted. If we do get an opening, make sure you have dummy flashers, pink sockeye squirts and sharp hooks! It won’t be 2010 all over again, but it’ll be LOTS of fun if we do get an opening. A hatchery Sockeye (most likely a Cultus Hatchery fish) was caught and released along West Vancouver earlier this week by a close associate of ours. POSITIVELY ID your catch before you put it in the tub–make sure it’s a Coho and not a Sockeye. If you are new to sockeye fishing, you may wish to book with us to get the full “thrill” of the experience. MAXIMUM SOCKEYE! We will be booked to 100% in a half hour if we don’t book up before it is officially announced. Late August, no matter what the species, is among the BEST time to go fishing in Vancouver and Pacific Angler Guide Andrew’s favorite.  

Don’t forget a large rimmed hat, sunglasses, plenty o’ sunscreen, some cool drinks and your fishing license…. you’re gonna need it! 🙂

If you have any specific questions on this report or would like to book a charter,  please call the store or send an email and we’ll be glad to clue you in! 🙂

Until next time, paying hommage to one of the Vancouver fishing legends, TIGHT LINES AND STRAIGHT SHOOTING! It’s going to be an action packed EXCITING MONTH of FISHING!

The Pacific Angler Guide Team.