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Winter Chinook Report Update

Todd Sweet, one of our regular guides and saltwater fishing junkie was out last weekend.  Here is his report:


Off the dock at 745 and headed straight to Tunstall Bay for the start of the Ebb.  Lines in at 830 and at 845 hit a scrappy Spring just under the legal.  Kitchen sink spoon in 145 ft of water on the bottom. Nothing else so at 1030 we moved over to the Falls.  Another guide pulled in 20 min ahead of us and had two pop offs that didn’t stick.  We didn’t hit anything. At noon we moved over to Grace and again just ahead of us the same guide had another pop off.  We didn’t get a hit.  Sun was out and the waters were calm.  Sunglasses were required.

TS_Calm Water_Jan 19_2014


Off the dock at 745. Dropped crab/prawn traps along the way.  Fished Tunstall for 1.5 hrs with no success. Moved up to the Falls and released on undersize on an Irish Creme Spoon in 180 ft of water on the bottom. We also had about a dozen porpoises playing in the bait while we fished. At noon moved over to Grace.

TS_Jan 19_2014

First hit was on a shallower line 25-30 feet off the bottom in 180 ft of water.  Hit a homeland security spoon and was 22 inches. Right after we had a decent fish on that spit.  On the bottom with Kitchen Sink spoon and right after that a legal fish with the Irish Creme Spoon.  Also in 180 ft on the bottom.  Finished the day off with a bucket full of prawns and 8 crabs.  Stomach contents of the fish were two bait fish in the 4 inch size.

TS_Crab_Prawn_Jan 19_2014TS_Chinook_Feed_Jan 19_2014

Tight Lines and let us know how you do on the water!!

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