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Vancouver Winter Chinook are Here!

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We were out fishing for chinook salmon Wednesday and what a beautiful day!  When I looked at the forecast on Monday it was calling for gale force winds on Wednesday and when I saw the rain on Tuesday, I must admit, I wasn’t sure if we would make the charter on Wednesday.  Luckily the forecast changed and by Wednesday morning we had a nice sunny day and flat calm seas as we headed out around 10:00 am  for some winter chinook.

We spent most of the day trolling just off the bottom in 90 to 110 feet of water from the mouth of the Cap up to the Pink Apartment.  We saw a few bait balls, nothing huge or consistent, but none the less we were able to get a bit of action.  We missed two bites on a glow flasher with a glow green teaser head and an anchovy.  The other side of the boat wasn’t getting any action, we were using a glow flasher with a 3.5 Night Rider spoon.  It was time for a change up that side so I asked Jackie if she wanted to pick the next spoon.  She picked the 2.75 inch  Gibbs Gypsy Spoon in the Flaming Hans color.   She said that one was pretty and she liked the hot pink stripe on the spoon and the chinook would like it too!  She is a designer, so who am I to argue?  It just so happens that is a very productive spoon so I was more than happy with her choice of lure.  It wasn’t long before we got slammed on that spoon and put a nice chinook in the boat.

Jackie, Steve, and Mark with a nice chinook and some dungeness crab

We trolled for a little longer without any further action so we decided to check the traps and we released a number of under size crab but managed a few legal ones.  Eddie is out on Saturday for a full day charter so he will be dropping the prawn traps, crab traps, and putting in a good effort for some winter chinook.  The fishing has been more consistent this week and it should continue for sometime to come.  If you would like to book a charter please give us a call at Pacific Angler 604-872-2204.  If you have your own boat and would like some advice on how to catch these great eating winter chinook, please come by the store and we will show you which spoons, teaser heads and flashers to use.

See you on the water or in the shop,

Jason Tonelli