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Vancouver Saltwater Report: April 24, 2015

The good fishing continued this week with some great waves of chinook moving across the Hump off South Bowen. Overall the fishing continues to be excellent but there have been a few slow days. For example, Eddie was out Saturday and had 2 bites but none to the boat and on Sunday they were into multiple, multiple fish and ended up keeping 4 nice big chinook. Monday was also stellar and Jason was out and kept 4 nice chinook, released some and lost a lot more with at least 9 solid fish for the day, including a double header, and half the day was spent up Howe Sound fly fishing for cutthroat. Tuesday was much slower and then not too many people, including us, were out the rest of the week due to the big winds and the rain. Such is offshore fishing, as big schools of chinook are here one day and gone the next so the fishing does really change from day to day this time of year, but there have been mostly good to red hot days this month with the odd slow day in to bring you back down to earth a little.

Nice chinook Chris!

Nice chinook Chris!

The fish have been from 85 to 155 this week and noticeably deeper than last week where most of the action was north of 120. So keep your gear spread out and find the hot depth and narrow in your gear depths from there. Hot flashers have been Green Onion Glow and Green or Chartreuse blades with glow tape on one side and silver tape on the other. Spoons and bait are working well, in particular the Pesca Gut Bomb and Leprechaun in 3.5 and also the 4.0. The bait is around 5 inches so don’t be afraid to fish bigger spoons. We just got a big shipment of Pesca spoons in so get them now while you can. The Kingfisher spoon in 3.5 and 4.0 is also working in the Irish Cream, Kitchen Sink, and Homeland Security colors.

Eddie's guests with a nice haul at the end of the day!

Eddie’s guests with a nice haul at the end of the day!

Thrasher Rock is going to pick up in the next week or so and based on what we are seeing on this side of the pond, it should be a fantastic season. Some of the best chinook fishing of the year is in May and early June at Thrasher Rock. If you want the chance of hooking multiple chinook in the 15-30 pound range, this is the best fishery of the year for you! Don’t wait until the good reports come in during mid May to book your trip. The big waves always push through anytime after May 1st so book your May trip now while we have a few dates open.

See you in the shop or on the water,