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Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Reports: June 9, 2023


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

I hope you read last week’s report which had a focus on coho fishing in local waters.  I usually do a saltwater report every second week, so this is a bonus report, and it will be short and sweet.  Check out the pic from one of our 5-hour charters on Thursday!  Here we go!   


Some nice hatchery coho and Dungeness crabs.  Not bad for a 5-hour charter 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver!

Step 1.  Read last week’s Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report about coho fishing  here . 

Step 2.  Go fish off; South Bowen in 200 to 600 feet of water and keep your gear in the top 65 feet of the water column, the Hump which is the large tabletop that is 400 feet deep about 3 miles off South Bowen, Point Atkinson in towards the Fishery Research station is also a good bet in 125 to 250 feet of water. 

Step 3.  Focus on tidelines and/or cover lots of water until you find the school of coho. 

Step 4.  Catch hatchery coho, 2 a day, min size 30 cm.  Carefully release all chinook. 

Step 5.  Pick up your crab traps. 

Step 6.  Be the most popular person on your block with fresh salmon and crab for Saturday night BBQ. 

Step 7.  If you don’t have a boat or just want to fish with the pros, give us a call at 778-788-8582 to book your trip today! 

There have also been reports of good coho fishing around Gabriola, off Thrasher in 200-600 feet of water, off the Grande and offshore of Entrance Island.  So, if you are headed over there for some bottom fishing, give coho fishing a try to round out the day and the catch. 

See you in the shop or on the water, 

Jason Tonelli