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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Update Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Finally after some relentless Northwesterly winds that hampered our fishing, the weather changed to hot sunny calm days. It feels more like summer!  These fish seem to like this weather as well as the fishing has also improved. The Hump off Bowen Island has had some slow days but is still pretty productive on overall.  On my last trip we hit our first fish in the first 10-15 minutes of getting the lines down and bagged a nicer fish in the mid 20’s shortly after. Both fish hit spoons. The 4″ Homeland Security @ 120′ and 4″ Kitchen Sink @ 90′.

My previous trip also produced at 120′. That seems to be the range of depth. The most consistent depth reported seems to be 110′. A lot of fish are taking anchovies but spoons work best for me at the moment.

We decided to run across to the Gulf Islands to catch the slack tide and hit a couple  of fish within the first 10-15 mins there as well! The range of depths over there is from 130′ to 180′. At first I had a couple of Spakleback Hoochies in the regular and double glo but for me spoons were the ticket over there as well. That’s not to say that they don’t work but they just weren’t working for me. Those hoochies are pretty much standard issue there and I will continue to offer them  on future trips.

As well as the spoons I mentioned, the trusty Green Glo and Irsh cream I replaced the hoochies with also had their share of fish on bringing our total tally of fish on into the double digits. Some of the fish were undersized but most of the fish are in the low teens to 20lbs+. There have also been 2 fish in the 30lbs range that I’ve heard of so far. Definitely a good time to sharpen the hooks and get out there!


Tight lines, Eddie