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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Sept 9, 2016

Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report

This week was pretty slow as the red springs seem to have all gone up the Fraser and we haven’t had a decisive push of white springs show up yet.  This resulted in some spotty fishing this past week off the Bell Buoy, North Arm, T-10, and South Arm.  There were some fish caught at all of these spots but you had to have lady luck on your side and be at the right place at the right time and the bite was often very short as there simply was not a lot of fish around.  We usually get a good push of these larger white springs right about now, so we will see how the coming week shapes  up.  Also expect to see some more coho around as some of the coho destined for the Chilliwack River show up off the Fraser this time of year as well.
The Capilano mouth has a few fish now as well.  Pretty much right on time we are seeing some of these Capilano white springs show up on the flood tide.  Fishing is hit and miss but there have been a few decent flood tides followed by a few slow ones.  Just like the Fraser white springs, we usually get a decent push of fish this coming week to the Capilano mouth.  Remember to keep clear of the freighters and cruise ships as the blue Harbour Patrol boat has been out there pushing people close to the beach and west of the green marker when the big ships are coming through.  Also remember that starboard rod has the right of way when you are fishing here.  Think of this fishery as a big oval race track.  As you are heading towards the Lions Gate Bridge, stay to the outside of the pack of boats, out in the deeper water, then as you get close to the green marker turn in towards shore, so you will be turning to your port side, complete your turn and then troll away from the bridge, into the flood tide current, and  you will be on the inside of the tack.  Once you get up to Ambleside most anglers will do a turn in that area to the port again, out to the deep water, then head back down towards the bridge on the outside of the pack of boats, then repeat.  This keeps this crowded fishery a little more civil.  What you don’t want to do is try and come down with the flood tide current, towards Lions Gate Bridge, on the inside of the pack of boats.  That causes a lot of problems and you are going to get some verbal abuse if you do that.  As  most of you know, the name of the game with this fishery is bait and keep it close to the bottom.

Jason did some after work fishing off the cap last week and got this nice spring.


See you on the water or in the shop.


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