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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday May 4, 2018


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

This past week saw some great fishing for those who were able to get out. Anglers who fished locally found fish at the QA, The Hump, South Bowen, and even a few were found in the harbour by those who stayed close by.

Depths on this side of the straight have been anywhere from around 60′ down to 150′, with a few being encountered at 30′ as rods are being stacked.

Across the way, anglers were finding fish in the Gulf Islands, as well as up at Thrasher and off shore on The Highway. ¬†With the water being quite a bit more clear over there, anglers have been encountering fish anywhere from 130′ all the way down to 180′, especially on those brighter days.


Nice fish Rob!

With most of the bait encountered being bigger, most anglers are finding success with spoons in the 4.0-5.0 range. Though bait and spoon size has been increasing slowly, most of the spoon colours have remained the same. Kingfisher spoons in Irish Cream, Cookies and Cream, Homeland Security, Kitchen Sink, and Herring Aide have all been great choices, along with the Two-Face series as well.

From Gibbs, the Skinny G and G-Force spoons in 4.0 have been great. Similar colours as mentioned above are all great choices, including Trap Shack, Outfitter, BC, and Paddy Wagon.


Shawn and family celebrating Dad’s birthday with 4 fish in the box!

If over at Thrasher, don’t be scared to run bigger cuttlefish and double-skirts as well, as it was noted earlier in the week that the fish took some more interest in them over your standard 4.5 Hoochie.

Flasher choice has also played a role, with most anglers trending towards blade colours in green, chartreuse, black, and UV purple. Combinations of those colours mixed with UV tape and glow complete the flasher, making the Phantom series a great choice. Some other top favourites are Chartreuse UV-Glow, Madi, Green and Purple Onions, Club Dub, Salty Dawg, and CB55. Those these are some great flashers, they are not the only ones out there, so it doesn’t hurt to experiment. If you’re looking to round out or add to your collection, we carry a huge selection, and any one of experienced team members can help you out.


Another great day out on the water for Bill.

On days like today (or any day for that matter), it doesn’t hurt charge up your spoons and flashers before putting them down. A small UV light is a great accessory to keep with your gear, and is easy to keep in your pocket or out of the way.

Keep in mind that with the lingcod fishery now open over there, that jigs, swimbaits, and paddle tails are all great choices. We carry a large selection of them in various sizes and weights to help match the conditions.


Rob with a beauty of a ling cod caught on a Gibbs Paddle Tail.

If you have any questions, feel free to come on down to the shop – we’ll be glad to help!
You can even ask me about my special way of setting up jigging rods for bottom fish.

Tight lines,

Jordan Simpson