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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: January 27, 2023


Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report, January 27, 2023 


Not a lot of new information to report on the saltwater front except that fishing continues to be good.  We have been out each week on guided trips and personal trips and there is no shortage of legal-size winter chinook around.   

This time of year, there are chinook in the harbour around the Cap Mouth, QB Marker, the Freighters and the Bell Buoy.  There have also been a good number of chinook in Howe Sound.  We haven’t made it over to the Gulf Islands, no need to with the local fishing being consistent, but I would say it’s safe to assume the fishing is good there as well. 

Prawning seems to be good.  In fact, it is better than I thought it would be for the spots that we are setting in.  Our usual spots are in the closed area this year, so good to see some new spots producing some decent results. This bodes well for April 1 when 28-1 and 28-2 will open back up for prawning.  It should be quite good and we will have some time to get some more prawns before the commercial fleet shows up in May.    


                                    A nice haul of BC Spot Prawns from last weekend! 


For productive gear, keep an eye on our Instagram (@pacificanglersportfishing) and Facebook (Pacific Angler Sport Fishing) accounts.  A variety of gear has been productive as usual.  No surprise the new Skinny G Herring Aid with a glow back being among one of the top producers.  Classic combos like the Gibbs Lemon Lime flasher in green or chartreuse with a Skinny G Outfitter or Trailhead have also been productive. 


A classic Vancouver winter chinook taken on a Green Lemon Lime flasher and Skinny G Trailhead spoon


If you are heading out this weekend, it looks like it will be sunny, but keep an eye out on those outflow winds.  It’s going to be a bit colder as well, so be ready for that, especially Sunday.   

The boat show is next weekend, so I might see some of you there if I go for a walkabout.  If you are looking for some deals on saltwater gear, prawning gear, and marine electronics, make sure you are signed up to our Friday Fishing Report and follow us on social media as we will have some in store specials! 

See you at the shop or on the water, 

Jason Tonelli