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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday July 21, 2017

Captain Tom got his clients into these 2 nice chinook earlier in the week off South Bowen.

Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Well things finally picked up in the harbour this week with some decent catches of coho, pink, and chinook.  I wouldn’t call it red hot for any of these 3 species quite yet, but there are enough fish around to warrant some effort in local waters.

Off West Van to the Cap Mouth there were some pinks and some coho caught the last few days and as usual the fish are shallow.  From the surface down to about 50 feet on the riggers is the go to zone.  Your best bests are UV flashers with Moon Jelly or Kinetic tape one them and hootchies with about a 28 inch leader.  A variety of hootchies will work but the most productive ones are white, white UV, and some of these with some red, peach or pink in them will also work very well.  We have ordered in very specific Yamashita hootchies for the coho and pinks off West Van and have a good selection in stock right now.  We have 5 packs if you want to tie your own and ones all tied up for you as well.  We also have some awesome flashers from Gibbs and Oki in stock that we have brought in especially for our local waters and this shallow water fishery.  The pinks will bite the same gear we like to use for coho and if you find big schools you can also cast small pink spoons and jigs on light spinning rods for some great action.  We have some specific combos in stock for this fishery and some great Gibbs Delta lure kits so come in and get geared up as things will really get going in the coming weeks.

We are well stocked for local coho and pinks.

Right on schedule we are starting to see some chinook get caught off the Bell Buoy as well.  Things usually get going around now and will build as we get into August.  These fish are usually shallow, about 30-80 on the riggers and bait is the name of the game.  Glow flashers on the deeper rods and chrome flashers on the top rods work well.  The same can be said for the teaser heads.  We just received our summer order of teaser heads so now is a good time to stock up on the hot glow and chrome colours before things get crazy in August.  Teaser heads are always hard to get in August, so get them now while you can.

Captain Eddie’s guest with a couple of nice chinook from the Bell on Thursday morning.

There have still been some feeder fish caught off South Bowen from Cowan to Roger Curtis and even up to Worlcombe, but for the most part this past week we were chasing coho and pinks off West Van and chinook off the Bell Buoy.

I will be out guiding Friday, Saturday, Sunday so I am looking forward to chasing some fish so close to our docks.  Hopefully it is a productive weekend and we see more pinks, coho, and chinook move in.

See you on the water or in the shop.

Jason Tonelli