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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday February 24, 2017


Fishing this past week was much like the last week. Not red hot, but if you were able to get out on the days where the wind wasn’t too bad, there were some fish around. Howe Sound has been producing a few fish and so has Vancouver Harbour, primarily the Cap mouth on the flood and the freighters or Bell Buoy area on the ebb or flood. Things often pick up around the Bell Buoy in mid March, so keep that on your radar if you are tired of the longer runs up Howe Sound. We didn’t make it across to the Gulf Islands this week, but we have heard of some decent catches on that side.

We’re stocked with the go to gear for saltwater.

On the tackle side of things, not much has changed. The bait has been on the bottom for the most part, so that means keep your gear on the bottom as well. Glow flashers such as the Salty Dawg and Green Onion Glow are always good choices. For spoons we have been using the Pesca Forage 3.5 and the Pesca RSG 3.5 in colours that have some glow, green, black and blue on them. Although we haven’t been fishing hootchies that much, some others have with good success. The splatter back series in glow with green, or blue seems to be working well.

We’re finishing up the install on one of the boats this weekend and looking forward to trying the new electronics. If you have any questions about Lowrance products, such as HDS Gen 3 units, auto pilot systems, or transducers, give me a call as we will be bring all these items in soon and becoming a Lowrance dealer.

See you in the shop or on the water.

Jason Tonelli