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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday February 10, 2017


Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report
Well it has certainly been true winter chinook fishing this past week with the freezing temperatures and all the snow. That didn’t keep us off the water though, as we picked our days to head out in search of chinook, prawns, and crab.


No big chinook on this snowy day but the prawns were tasty!

The fishing was decidedly slower for the most part this week with a decent number of small fish around, but not too many keepers. That being said, there were some spots that might have had bigger fish, but with the huge outflow winds most of the week it was hard to get up Howe Sound or to the Gulf Islands for the most part. The winds look more reasonable for the weekend and for the beginning of next week so this should open up some more options.

The water remains very clear, about 45-50 feet before you lose sight of your flasher as it drops down with the rigger, so the bait has been pretty much on the bottom trying to hide, as usual.   So fish deep, just off bottom, and that means lots of glow. Most flashers that have some glow tape will work well. Some of our favorites are the Green Onion Glow and Chartreuse Glow. We are primarily fishing spoons in the 3.0 to 4.0 range with some green, blue, chartreuse, and glow on them.

Jason Tonelli