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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: April 28, 2023

Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

The SRKW announcement was on Wednesday, and I am happy to report the proposal to close off all of the Fraser Mouth for SRKW protection was NOT accepted. They did keep that North Arm closure, so it will be the same as last year. Chinook fishing should open off the Fraser Mouth September 1 and you will need to fish south of the Iona Jetty, down towards T-10 and off the South Arm. Fishing should be good this fall with the projected return for Harrison chinook at a whopping 110,000. Last year 86,000 came back and in the previous 5 years it was in the 50,000 to 60,000 range. So, things are looking good for that run of chinook. DFO’s target for that run is 72,000 so we are trending well above that thanks to good ocean survival these past few years. 

September 1st is a long way away but, in the meantime, there are some bottom fishing opportunities coming up. Rockfish and lingcod open up May 1st. You will need to head across to Gabriola or Nanaimo to catch your fish as it is closed on this side but pick your day and make the crossing.  

Bottom fishing bounty from a few seasons past

Chinook is also open to catch and release on that side, Area 17, where in our areas, Area 28 & 29, the regulation is no fishing for chinook, so you can’t catch and release unless you have a DNA permit which our guide boats have. 

Remember the commercial prawners open up May 15th this year, so get your sets in before they do. They will clean out the best spots in days and they don’t like the recreational gear in their way, so best to stay clear of their efforts unless you want to lose your traps. Crabbing always picks up in May so time to focus your trap efforts there. 

The next major chinook retention opportunity will be July 15 over in Area 17 (Thrasher to Nanaimo). We should see some decent coho fishing in local waters come mid to late June as well. There have been lots of juvenile coho around this winter, so that’s a good sign. 

If you missed the petition info. on our main report or in our social media feed have a read of the info. below from the Public Fishery Alliance regarding their latest petition.

Call to action!!!  Public Fishery Alliance marked selective fishery petition is to be presented in Ottawa.   The petition calls upon the Honourable Joyce Murray, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard to open all scientifically defensible, data-supported hatchery Chinook retention opportunities immediately and expedite the implementation of the Mass Marking and Marked Selective Salmon Fisheries

Please sign the petition in person at our shop!

Our Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray, her fellow Liberal Members of Parliament, and the Prime Minister are destroying the recreational fishery in British Columbia.   It is clear that science is taking a back seat to political priorities of Minister Murray and the Prime Minister’s office. We need sustained action to fight for data driven marked selective fishing opportunities this year and for years to come.  Our current government does not respect the recreational fishery in BC.

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For Vancouver Island locations visit the Public Fishery Alliance’s page for an up-to-date list!

See you in the shop or on the water, 

Jason Tonelli