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Vancouver Fishing Report October 1st

What a weekend to be on the water!  It was amazing weather this weekend, much like the last 6 weeks, no rain, sunny skies, it seems summer is trying to hang on.  This extended summer has resulted in the Capilano being extremely low for sometime now.  As a result the coho are still stacked up off the Pink Apartment and there are still some chinook stacked up off the mouth of the Capilano.

Sunday night's sunset off the Cap Mouth...

This weekend we fished in the afternoon on the flood tide and into dusk to hit the high slack.  On Saturday we hooked two bigger chinook, landing one, and also a few jacks (smaller, undersize male chinook salmon).  On Sunday we hooked 3 chinook of legal size up to about 20lbs and also a few jacks.

Jim and a larger male chinook hooked on a purple haze anchovy teaser head and purple onion flasher.

Etienne with a jack chinook that hit a glow green chartreuse teaser head and chartreuse glow flasher.

For the last week and a half, most of the the fish have been pretty dark.  This time of year we hope to see more fish around and some chrome fish as well.  It is too early to say if it is going to be a slower year or if more chrome fish are on the way.  This fishery can literally change in one tide!  A wave of springs can show up at any point on the flood tide this time of year and I am pretty sure we are going to see some more fish this week.

The tides this week are fantastic.  We have some nice flood tides starting to show up in the morning.  Often these are very productive as you get a first light bite and a nice flood tide that hopefully brings in some fresh fish.

Basically if it is going to happen in a big way it should be this week!  I am looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

You can bet Eddie and I will be out there testing the waters!

Jason and jack chinook off the Cap Mouth

In the mean time keep your gear close to the bottom and stick with anchovies.  Glow, glow green, and glow green chartreuse teaser heads have been good.  Especially in low light situations.  During the sunny afternoons I have done well on the purple haze teaser heads.  For flashers, the standard chartreuse flasher with glow tape has been good.  I have also had success with the purple onion flasher when sunny out.

If you need any gear, salt, bait, have any questions, or want to book a charter, please come by the shop or give us a call.

You can fish the Capilano on a 5 hour charter so this is a great chance at some big chinook for around $500 bucks for 4 people!

See you on the  water or in the shop,

Jason Tonelli