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The Second Wave!

If you have been following our blog, were on a charter with us, or came by Pacific Angler last week, you know about the hot chinook fishing we had late last week and into the weekend.  Then it seemed to die down over the last 48 hours, with yesterday being extremely slow on the flood tide.  What a difference a day makes! 

The second wave of chinook came in hard today and the hook ups were non stop!

Captain Craig Mumby holds up a chrome chinook with a big thumbs up from a happy guest

The herring and anchovies were getting hammered hard by eager springs stacking up off the W. Van shoreline waiting to go up the Capilano River.


One of multiple hook ups today that were released to fight another day.

It was apparent a big wave of fish showed up today, that is for sure, as Captain Craig Mumby reported to me he had a hard time getting the lines in the water for any amount of time without a big chinook climbing on.  Always a good problem to have…


Chrome Chinook with Lions Gate Bridge in background.

The fish are co-operating by showing up but the weather, not so much.  With all this rain it will be interesting to see how many fish shoot right up the river and how many stick around.  We typically get good pushes of the big springs pictured above well into October so I think we are still going to see some excellent fishing over the next few weeks.  Give us a call to book a charter while we still have a few spots left or come by the shop for the best teaser heads, flashers, and baits that our guides are using to put fish like this in you own boat.

See you on the water,

Jason Tonelli