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South Arm Grand Slam!

Last week all the rains we had gave any salmon at the mouth of the Capilano a green light to head up the river, causing some slow fishing at the “Cap Mouth”.  I am pleased to report the rains have backed off, the river has dropped, and we are once again starting to see some chinook being caught off the mouth of the Capilano on our last few trips.  As usual, a flasher with an anchovy or herring with a 6 foot leader, fished close to the bottom, is the presentation of choice.  We will be out  on charters this weekend and we are looking forward to some late season chinook at the mouth of the Cap!

We have also been fishing “down South” off the mouth of the Fraser for the thousands of coho that pass through the area this time of year.  Rivers like the Chilliwack, Chehalis, and Harrison, just to name a few, have huge runs of coho that come right by the South Arm of the Fraser in late September and all of October.  There can be some active fishing for these fish, including double headers and even triple headers at times.

I recently had the pleasure of guiding some new customers, Marlene and Ben.  Marlene booked a birthday charter for Ben and he managed to a get a Grand Slam (3 species of salmon in one trip)!  We hooked and landed coho, chum, and a chinook!  We were fishing from 25 to 75 on the downriggers with glow flashers and 6 foot leaders and a glow green teaser head with an anchovy.  This particular day we didn’t get as many bites as the day before, but our conversion rate was fantastic and we put a nice hatchery coho and a 27lb chinook in the box.

photo (2)[12]

Ben about to release a nice wild coho


Marlene with an awesome hatchery coho!


Flat seas, beautiful sunset, and a 27lb chinook and a nice coho!

On my trip the day before there seemed to be a larger school of coho around as we were getting more bites, including some frantic action for about an hour where I felt like it was sockeye fishing.  That is the Fraser Mouth for you, the fish are here one day and gone the next.  So the best thing to do is just go fishing as the report from the day before is not always the answer for these migrating fish.  Just know peak migration is occuring right now, so you can go fish this area with confidence and your are likely going to get some good coho action.  Remember that you can only keep hatchery coho and all wild coho should be released carefully.


Jason with a hatchery coho


JT about to release this chinook that tried to eat an anchovy that was probably bigger than he was!

As always, to book a charter, please call us at 778-788-8582.

See you on the water or in the shop,

Jason Tonelli