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Solid Fishing and Purple Onions

Well the solid fishing continues…  The word is out that the big springs are in and the mouth of the Cap was packed on the weekend with the nice weather.  Despite the crowds our boats did extremely well and hooked multiple chinook and clients had big smiles and soar arms!  Guides Eddie and Andrew have had great catches for multiple trips in a row now, so I was excited to get out with one of my regular clients, Gus.  A short 5 minute run from the dock and fish on!

Gus with a chrome chinook for the BBQ

We only kept the one fish today and chose to release many others as we both have all the fish we need for the winter.

This big buck was released after a quick photo

The hot setup today was a new flasher, well new to me anyway, called the Purple Onion.  It has some great properties to it, like a purple UV finish, purple stripe on one side, and some pretty amazing reflective tape on the other that changes colors at different angles.  Attached to that was a 7 foot leader of 30lb test Suffix Fluorocarbon and an anchovy teaser head in glow with a little red on the nose (aka Bloody Nose). We were using 5.25 to 5.5 inch anchovies.

Purple Onion flashers, notice the purple UV hue of the plastic.

The reflective tape on the Purple Onion really lights up, even on a dark day.

We had some herring down as well, with the old standby glow flasher and glow herring teaser head, but this “Purple Onion Rig” was on fire so we put this down on both sides of the boat and then things really got going.

Another chinook that was released after a great battle.

Gus was nice enough to let me play a few fish today, a rare occurrence for a guide.  This arm burner above gave me some renewed respect for the power of these chinook salmon.

A smaller chinook that came flying out of the water two times

It’s only October 4th and last year we had good fishing until late in the 3rd week of October.

If you haven’t got out yet, you still have time for some of the best chinook fishing of the year.

Give Dave a call at Pacific Angler 604-872-2204 to book your trip or come by for some Purple Onions!

See you on the water,

Jason Tonelli