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Pacific Angler Saltwater Report: Sept 6th, 2013

Welcome back Capt Air Cast!   A.K.A. Eddie!

It sure felt great to be back on the water after a month long absence recovering from a broken foot. All the reports of the good fishing I was missing was driving me crazy. My main goal was to heal in time to participate in the Chinook Classic Catch and Release Derby. Although we had decent action I was unable to produce contenders to exceed the 38lb Slab that won.

Todd Sweet on the Dawg getting ready to net a slab!
Todd Sweet on the Dawg getting ready to net a slab!

I was pleasantly surprised to see not just springs but a chrome 10lb sockeye and a wild coho almost the same size along with the abundant pinks to providing good action.

Later in the week I hit 2 more cohos of which one made it to the BBQ. The Bell, North Arm, T10, Sandheads and everywhere in between had the weigh boats from the derby running back and forth. Murphy’s Law: Just like last year for me the bigger fish came to my net a couple of days after the Derby.

Brent E. with a nice slab taken off T-10!
Brent E. with a nice slab taken off T-10!

I’ve had some really fun trips with big fish on. Some landed and some still out there and one stolen by a seal. Yesterday the fishing was a little slow. I thought it might have been the weather change and the approaching thunder storm but I later received a report of Transient  Orcas spotted from Point grey to Roger Curtiss. I hope there’s a few less seals now. In terms of gear, anchovies and small herring are working great with the bloody nose, green glo, and Frog patterns working best for me. An assortment of the usual flashers but purple was one of my favourites.

Capt. Eddie with Tyler's stag group and a nice haul!!
Capt. Eddie with Tyler’s stag group and a nice haul!!

I also had a chance to try the Latest Ricker double glo spoons and they are a great alternative to bait. I’ll be testing a few of the other standard patterns to see if one stands out. The best depth for me was 67′ but I hooked a slab at 37′ on Tuesday and some others down at 87′ and  97′ on Thursday. Yes, I like using lucky sevens. I proposed to my wife 07/07/07 and I’m still very happily married. My first daughter was born 7lbs 7oz and she loves to fish!

The largest, a 25lb slab from the stag party!
The largest, a 25lb slab from the stag party!

I should also note that I have heard of some nice fish hit in the 130′ to 160′ range so it’s good to play around with depths. Yesterday/s thunder storm and torrential downpour should be pulling the fish in towards the river mouths so South Arm, Bell Buoy and soon the Capilano will be producing even better!

Tight lines,



What a crazy last ten days of fishing. A definite continuation of the previous weeks. A fresh push of chinook continue to hit the local waters as they head to their designated rivers. With all the new schools of chinook comes some pretty good fishing!

Luke from Ogopogo Parasail in Kelowna with a 25lb beauty!
Luke from Ogopogo Parasail in Kelowna with a 25lb beauty!

With the weather turning from summer to fall, shorter and chillier days along with a little less sun, the fish have seemed to move around a little. I found that a lot of the chinook were coming in the top 60ft of the water column. This is by no means a hard fast rule, but definitely noticeable.

Most of my efforts were concentrated in 95-170ft of water parallel to the contour in front of bell buoy, T-10 marker, and the south arm of the Fraser (Sandheads). My go-to presentations were anchovies, herring and the infamous Pesca RSG Spoon in chartreuse, green, and blue. All fished on a 6ft, 30lb test maxima leader.

The Ogopogo Parasail team with their days haul!
The Ogopogo Parasail team with their days haul!

With a bio mass of pinks headed for and already around the mouth of the Fraser, it was important to keep the gear moving quick. All the time while trolling, playing & netting fish in order to avoid having your baits ravaged by the more than eager pinks.

Good luck and tight lines


Todd Sweet:

Wed was likely one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.  I had great guests who booked a 10 hour charter and we spent the whole day down at the Sandheads.  In the first 40 minutes we had two springs and a hatchery coho in the box.

Mark & Ian went 5 for 5 on the Chinook to the net!
Mark & Ian went 5 for 5 on the Chinook to the net!

At the end of the day we survived the bumpy water and boated 5 springs 1 coho and 3 pinks.  Springs were hit on herring in a teaser with no flasher as well as anchovy with flashers.  Depths were that hit fish were 80 and 100 in the morning and 50, 57 in the afternoon.

Ian crosses the pond from the UK to grip'n grin with a Chinook!
Ian crosses the pond from the UK to grip’n grin with a Chinook!

Thursday the afternoon trip was a bit challenging.  The orcas had been through in the morning which likely shut things down a bit.  We hit a jack spring at the bell buoy and another jack spring at the mouth of the Cap.  Anchovy in teasers were the bait of choice and hits were at 80,100.  A spectacular lightening storm put on quite a show for us.

Till the next tight line,


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