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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: December 11, 2020



It looks like it might be a bit windy and wet this weekend, but we did have some nice days mid-week.  As usual, if you can be flexible and pick your days in the winter it helps a lot on the enjoyment factor.   

 The fishing has been hit and miss this past week.  The fish are there one day and gone the next.  This is typical of winter fishing; you just have to go when you can and hope the fish are present.  Don’t wait for a report, just go when the winds and weather work for your schedule.   



A classic winter chinook from a recent trip

Fishing pressure is certainly a lot higher than previous seasons.  I would say double or triple the number of boats on the calm and sunny days.  This should come as no surprise.  The marine industry had record boat sales this summer because people couldn’t travel and decided to recreate locally and take up new hobbies like boating and fishing.  I think a lot of newer anglers were surprised that chinook was closed until September 1 so they are using their boats to fish for chinook now as they couldn’t during the summer.  I have also talked to a lot of anglers who usually put their boats away in the winter, but this year they aren’t.  They couldn’t fish for chinook in the summer and those winter golf trips to Palm Springs aren’t happening, so they are giving winter chinook a try.  Be prepared for more boats out there than previous years and I suspect this will be the new norm. 

 In terms of spots, not much new to report.  There are fish in Vancouver Harbour and in Howe Sound.  I did cross one day this week and went to Grande, Thrasher and Porlier.  Lots of little fish, although I do know of some decent fish coming out of those areas.  It usually picks up there in late December or January, so if the winds let me, I will likely head back that direction.  Productive gear is a matter of preference for most, but you can’t go wrong with a Salty Dawg or Lemon Lime flasher with a Kingfisher 3.0 or 3.5 Irish Cream spoon or a Skinny G in Trailhead. 

 One more note on the marine industry.  Like I said earlier, record years for manylike the best in 40 years, so the marine trades are equally as busy.  Most of them are already booking late January or even February.  So, if you wanted to get some work done this winter, you best pick up that phone today and make an appointment.   

 See you in the shop or on the water, 

 Jason Tonelli