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October 2010 Wrap Up

It’s now late October and our mature Chinook fishery is over and the fall rains have called our Chinook upstream. Captain Eddie on the Salty Dawg found a TANK SIZED Coho (Silver) Salmon at 18.5 lbs last week! I’ll have to say that I was VERY ENVIOUS of his guests as it is not often that our guests manage to encounter such a large Coho. By late October mature Coho are not easily enticed to any of our offerings as they bite more out of irritation and anger than feeding instinct.  Congratulations Eddie on very skillfully coaching your angler to a trophy late season Coho!  It’s that time of the year when us Guides get together, have a few pops and relax after a disciplined and diligent past few months of being early to rise day in and day out. It’s now that we turn our attention to our next quarry—-Winter Chinook. The weather may be chilly—but all us guides are looking forward to shifting gears and turning our attention to these smaller but very scrappy and fantastic eating fish. No group size is too small as we have comfortable Grady Whites available for group sizes from 1 to 6 and a fully furnished and heated 38 foot Uniflite  available to accommodate those looking for the most comfortable winter fishing experience. Do not underestimate the fun of this experience! Stay tuned for our coming reports! Captain Andrew.