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Hot Weather and Hot Fishing!

Hot weather

Well it looks like Wednesday was the turning point as the slow fishing of the last few days got hot weather up in a hurry!

The good coho fishing and good chinook fishing started on Wednesday and continued onto Thursday.

The coho fishing off W. Van has been good to great.  The first light bite has produced some nice coho on white hootchies and also on bait (anchovies in a glow teaser head).  You will know you are in the right area when you see the jumping fish!

A small spring, a big coho, and some more typical sized Cap coho to round out the day!

Right on schedule, the Fraser chinook have showed up.  Anglers have some good catches off the Bell Buoy and the T-10 the last two days.  Hopefully this trend continues as more Fraser fish show up over the coming weeks.  Productive depths have been 30 to 90 on the riggers, but most of the action has been from 35 to 55.  The usual anchovy in a glow teaser head on a 6 foot leader to a glow flasher, is the way to go.  There have been a few fish caught on glow spoons as well.  If you don’t want to fish bait, try a glow green spoon with some anchovy or herring scent on it.

Wednesday’s crew with some nice fish!

It was good to give Eddie a day off and get back out guiding on Wednesday.  You can’t beat the hot sun and chrome coho and chinook this time of year.  I am back out guiding today (Friday). I am looking forward to some more good fishing on Friday and some more hot weather!

Book a trip with us or get out there in your own boat and hook up some of the coho and chinook that are showing up right now.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli