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Friday Fishing Report: May 31, 2013

JT’s Report:

Was out on Chasin Tales, our new Grady White Gulfstream with some of our regular clients yesterday.  This group always books a few days late May and early June for some of the hot chinook fishing at Thrasher Rock.

There was a strong bite in the morning and by 10:30 am we had four nice chinook in the boat!  The SE winds came in hard around that time and it was a little rough out where the fish seemed to be so we headed for calmer water.   The fish we caught in the morning were offshore of Thrasher in 300-800 feet of water.  The water was dirty and it was overcast so the fish were shallower than they have been in the clear water we had most of last week.  90-130 were good depths on the riggers.

Three of the fish came on “Ricker Super Glow” spoons I was test fishing.  I have never seen a spoon glow like this before.  I don’t know what kind of glow paint they are using but it is truly unbelievable.  You have to see it to believe it.  The fourth fish came on the chartreuse glow spatter back hootchie.   We were using glow flashers on all our lines.

I don’t know when the “Ricker Super Glow” spoons will be going into production, but when they do, you will be the first to know if you are on our Newsletter and we will definitely be selling them here at Pacific Angler.

The calmer water I was referring to was over at Grande.  We had a two shots at nice fish there but they didn’t stick and a bunch of little guys!

Check out the picture of these 4 beauties from the morning bite

JT's loaded box on May 30, 2013

JT’s loaded box on May 30, 2013

The Salty Dawg was out of the water for maintenance so Eddie headed out fishing on his day off.  Read his report below.

Eddies Report:

Eddie with a couple slabs!

Eddie with a couple slabs!

Well aside from the unsettled weather and bumpy rides across the Georgia Strait the fishing has been pretty good . Our seals back at the dock by the cleaning table are getting fat. We are mostly focusing our efforts across the Strait but a few days ago I revisited the Hump on a local 5 hour trip. Overall it was slow that day but we still managed to hook at least one fish which tells me some can still be found there. It hit a 4″ Irish Cream at 120′. I was the only boat there that day but it would have be interesting to see the numbers if more boats had worked that area.

Since the Salty Dawg was on the hard deck getting her bottom scrubbed, top deck polished, waxed and engines serviced, I took the opportunity to join my fishing buddy Jimmy on “Bluebird” to do some research and development (That’s what I told my wife). We got a late start and thought we had missed the morning bite. We started offshore with the intention of trolling in closer to shore but a fish that really thumped the rod and got away made us stay. Since trolling into the wind and wave was really difficult, we pulled the gear and ran upwind to try another troll over the same area. Wasn’t long before we hooked one, then another followed by a double header which limited us out in just under 40 minutes including the time it took to run back up!

Box of success...

Box of success…

We found them a little higher as all the hits were at 90′ to 106′. Early on in the fishery spoons were my weapon of choice and my hoochies were lagging behind. Lately it’s been the Hoochies with the Spackle Back and Spackle Back Double Glo working best for me. Unfortunately Jimmys boat did not have any Double Glo but I rummaged through his tackle box and found a white one with specks that looked similar. The fish really liked that one. Hope I can find more of those for further testing.


Tight lines,



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